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Watch one of the Stupidest Drivers in the World Drive on a Bare Rim

Bad Toyota RAV4 Driver

Talk about stupid drivers…

We’ve seen some very stupid and ignorant drivers before, but this one takes the cake. Driving on a run-flat tirew is one thing, but driving down to the bare metal on a rim is completely different.

While driving down the highway, Tom Tanner, and his son, Wesley, spotted a Toyota RAV4 drive leaning towards one side and making a loud metal grinding noise with its four-way lights on. As it turned out, the slow-moving SUV was completely missing a tire. Scratch that, it was missing the outer rim of the wheel, and grinding down the spokes and other important brake and suspension components.

With Tom taking video, Wesley followed the SUV for about 15 miles before it finally stopped. The driver, seemed to not care or be aware at all of what was going on. The sound of metal scraping against the pavement must be a normal thing for this driver.

The picture of the stopped RAV4 nose-deep in the pavement thanks to its idiotic driver is priceless.

Bad Toyota RAV4 Driver

Source: Wesley Tanner, Jalopnik

How stupid was this driver to keep driving on the highway for miles with no tire?


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