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Friday FAIL: When the Mustang Driver isn’t The Worst

Friday FAIL BMW Crash Leaving Car Show

Well, that was unexpected.

Car show season is here, and that means that all of your favorite sports cars, super cars, muscle cars, classics, and exotics will be hitting the streets and showing off for your enjoyment. It also means that the idiots will be out trying to show off and subsequently crashing.

At Cars ‘N Copters on the Coast in Huntington Beach, California, all kinds of super cars, sports cars, exotics, and helicopters were on display for a day of enjoyment. After the show was over, some drivers decided that it would be a great idea to show off by doing burnouts, drifting, and speeding off in front of a crowd.

Friday FAIL BMW Crash Leaving Car Show

It was a recipe for a disaster that we’ve seen play out so many times before. When the Ford Mustang came into view going sideways, we all expected some kind of horrific crash. Thankfully, the drifting Mustang was able to power slide around the corner and down the street without running through a crowd.

The BMW 3-Series of some sort that followed, however, was not as good. The driver of the BMW tried to mimic the Mustang and failed miserably. They quickly lost control going around the turn, tried to overcorrect, sped right over the curbed divider, and ended up spinning out on the road.

Everyone (including us) expected the Mustang. What we got was an idiot in a BMW (and frankly, every other driver that tried to show off on a public road in front of a crowd here).

Maybe this will start a trend for 2019 that will see Mustang owners being more responsible and BMW drivers crashing more. Regardless, don’t do this unless you’re on a track. Please.

There was also another video of the incident posted before on Reddit by user snpk01:

Expected one of the Mustangs to crash, instead, it was a BMW. Cars and Copters OC. from r/IdiotsInCars

Source: Skyravens YouTube, Reddit

How unexpected was it to see the BMW crash instead of the Ford Mustang?


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