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The Russian RWB 911 – Video

The RWB 911 comes to Mother Russia.

Nakai San and his RWB Porsche 911s are known throughout the world and highly sought after. They are amazing creations of power and style that are hand assembled by Nakai San himself. But for quite some time, there was no RWB 911 in Russia. It’s not that there weren’t any interested buyers; it’s just that Nakai wasn’t able to travel there, until now.

Nakai San finally made the trip over to Russia and was able to transform a 964 911 into a one-of-a-kind RWB 911 while working in his usual sleep-deprived, cigarette filed state of mind.

Fast forward to the four-minute mark if you get bored of the Russians at the airport.

[Source: LowDaily]

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