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Safeguard Your Watches In Style – Wednesday Watch

A few months ago, we at MotoringExposure, gave you some tips about storing your watches in a safe way. Besides the typical safes used for storing valuable possessions, there are also companies that build specialty safes for those with a passion for watches. One of these companies is Döttling, which was founded in Germany in 1919 as a locksmith company. Since 2007, Döttling has focused only on watch safes. Döttling products are not known for just keeping your timepieces safe and out of sight, but for their quality and craftsmanship.

Döttling likes to speak about ‘haute safeology’, a play on the much-used term ‘haute horology’. Looking at their range of products, we can understand why. The finest materials are used to hide and cover the hard stainless steel construction of each high-security safe. On the inside, some of the safes are able to be equipped with winders in order to keep your perpetual calendars running constantly so that you don’t have to spend a Sunday morning to adjust the calendar and time.

The Liberty safes are the latest addition in the Döttling collection. Each Liberty safe is covered by calf-skin on the exterior, while refined Alcantara is used throughout the interior. The fittings of the safe and the framed input unit all feature a high-gloss finish, making this safe a feast for the eyes of every watch collector. The color of the interior, type of exterior leather, and the number of watch winders and drawers are all options the buyer can select when buying this Döttling Liberty safe.

The Döttling Liberty safes do not come cheap, but for the person who already has everything and does not want to buy an ugly (because most of them are) ‘regular’ safe to keep his or her watches stored securely, Döttling is the brand of choice. The entry level Liberty safe is 55cm in height, features security classification VDS1 (also available in other security classes if desired), and starts at a price around 20.000 Euro.

However, our personal preference is the Döttling Colosimo safe. Why? Because it is a neat little safe for watch geeks! The inside of the safe has 32 gold plated gears driven by the external wheel (to open the safe) that will withdraw the 16 radial bolts. The Döttling Colosimo is about precision engineering, just like your mechanical masterpiece that needs to be safely tucked away.

More information can be found at:

Döttling Colosimo and Liberty Watch Safe Gallery

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