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The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN. Environ – MENTAL!

Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Tesla Model S

The purpose of an electric car has always been to save the planet’s resources and to be economical. During the advent of the electric car, it was feared that perhaps efficiency would trump performance and that proper gearheads would be huddled around their 302’s and 454’s reminiscing about the good ‘ol days. Tire screeching would go out the window and performance tuning would become a lost art.

Tesla has changed the future… again. Nikola is gone, but the auto manufacturer that bears his name has produced an alluring body that has thunderous performance.

What seemed to be a bleak and disparaging future has turned into a bright one thanks to the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN – a modified Tesla Model S which gives a little more performance and an even more desirable look.

Pricing starts at $152,000 for the Tesla and the full raft of modifications, before any state and federal electric car incentives are factored in. Saleen also includes a four-year/50,000-mile warranty for peace of mind.

Saleen says that the FOURSIXTEEN is more aerodynamic than the original. It also has improved cooling and a more track-friendly chassis, with several enhancements including a different sway bar and a software update that Saleen says improves cornering response and drivability.

Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Tesla Model S

The FOURSIXTEEN packs the same 416 horsepower rating as the Model S. However, it proves to be quicker and louder thanks to an all-new 11.39:1 final gear ratio. It also has larger wheels and upgraded brakes including an optional carbon ceramic disc system.

There are upgraded interior components and where the Model S sports a rear bench seat and two rear-facing seats in the back compartment, the FOURSIXTEEN has four bucket seats. Mr. Saleen calls it: “A four seat supercar.”

The company is taking orders now, but the vehicles take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The Saleen FOURSIXTEEN shows that electric cars have far more depth critics initially gave them credit for and that they don’t signal the end of performance driving. An electric car can put speed and beauty into a package that satisfies the defenders of environmental bliss.

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Source: Saleen

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