The Snolo Stealth-X Sled is one Badass Winter Ride

Snolo Stealth-X Sled

Who said adults can’t have fun sledding?

Those of us that have lived in the northern (or very southern) parts of the world know how much fun snow can be. Sledding down hills as children and teens is an exciting and thrilling experience that is sometimes lost as we grow up. The folks at Snolo are looking to change that with their new, high-performance Stealth-X sled that is packed with adrenaline.

The new Snolo Stealth-X sled has us eagerly awaiting the start of winter and its official release on December 7th. The new sled is made from carbon fiber and has been pushed to speeds of 40 mph, which is pretty fast when all that separates you and fresh powder is mere inches. The Stealth-X gives riders the ability to lean into turns and achieve an incredible amount of control that’s not seen on traditional sleds and toboggans. After riding one down a steep incline, riders can fold up the lightweight sled and carry it back up the hill for another ride.

The New Zealand based Snolo will be releasing its Stealth-X carbon fiber sled on December 7th with prices reportedly starting around $3,000.

[Source: Snolo]

Where would you go sledding with the Snolo Stealth-X this winter? Leave a comment and let us know!


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