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The new KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT Blends Style with Performance

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT KD07 Wheels shot by Nick Green

The RWD machine we’ve been waiting for just got better.

Rejoice! The Kia Stinger GT is FINALLY here. After years in the making and a boatload of anticipation, this four-door rear-wheel drive sports sedan is hitting the road and ready to put a white-knuckled smile on driver’s faces. It’s everything you could ask for and then some. And while this turbocharged, adrenaline-packed sedan is just starting to reach dealers, the specialists at KEENDESIGN have already taken it to the next level.

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT KD07 Wheels shot by Nick Green

Making its debut at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas was the new KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT sporting all sorts of tire-shredding, eye-catching upgrades along with the brand’s monoblock forged wheels. William Chang, owner of Concept 3, was commissioned to KEENDESIGN to build the Stinger GT and the result is a potent pavement punisher with some serious style.

One of the biggest things that enthusiasts are drooling over with the Kia Stinger GT is its top-of-the-line twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 engine. In factory form, a whopping 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft. of torque is created by this force-fed monster and sent to the rear wheels, sending the Stinger GT to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. That power has been boosted by KEENDESIGN thanks to the newly-installed Concept-3 prototype air intake system, Jun – B.L racing exhaust system, and a Byetronik BT-1 Piggyback chip tuning system that unlocks the V-6’s hidden potential and increases output to over 400 horsepower.

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT KD07 Wheels shot by Nick Green

Before drivers get to experience the sheer power of the KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT, they are stunned by its looks. It all starts with the new wheel and suspension fitment that gives the sports sedan a low, athletic stance. Beneath the fenders sits a new Jun-fitted air suspension with a 5.0-gallon air tank, Air Zenith air compressor, and an Air Lift V2 Management system controlling it all for the driver.

Neatly sitting inside the fenders are a fresh set of KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels. These lightweight monoblock forged wheels keep weight to an absolute minimum to help improve overall performance from acceleration and handling to fuel economy. The KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels are specifically engineered for the KDM (Korean Domestic Market) enthusiast and manufactured at the same facility that produces OEM wheels for General Motors and Hyundai – ensuring the utmost in quality. On this Kia Stinger GT, the KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels were installed in a 20 8.5 front and wide 20 x 10.0 rear setup for a larger footprint where it counts.

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT KD07 Wheels shot by Nick Green

The new suspension and KEENDESIGN KD07 forged wheels lay the groundwork for the rest of the upgrades on this Kia Stinger GT. Up front, a new Spreek carbon fiber lip emphasizes the low, wide stance of the sports sedan while reducing lift. A headlight reflector delete by JDMFV gives the Stinger GT a more focused stare. A pair of new Spreek carbon fiber side skirts run down each side and visually reduce the ride height. At the rear, a new roof spoiler was installed and incorporates the third brake light while a Stinger trunk emblem sits below. JDMFV also smoked out the rear taillights and deleted the reflectors for a more sinister and clean style.

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT KD07 Wheels shot by Nick Green

Inside, driver and passengers are treated to some track-focused treats. The KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT has been outfitted with new Recaro seats up front with custom seat bases and Recaro side rails. These new seats provide drivers and passengers with more than enough side bolstering and support to get through the twists and turns on a racetrack without taking away overall driving comfort.

While the Kia Stinger GT is just starting to get to dealers around the country, KEENDESIGN has already transformed this turbocharged rear-wheel drive sports sedan into a mean, head-turning machine inside and out, with their KEENDESIGN KD07 wheels as the centerpiece.

The full line of KEENDESIGN wheels is currently available for a variety of Kia and Hyundai models.

(Video Credit: @iamlupelupi)

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT Specifications

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: KEENDESIGN KD07 monoblock forged alloy
Font Wheels: 20 x 8.5
Rear Wheels: 20 x 10.0
Suspension: Jun-Fitted Air Suspension, 5 Gallon Air Tank, Air Zenith Air Compressor, Air Lift V2 Management.

-Concept-3 Prototype Air Intake System
-Bytetronik BT-1 Piggyback
-Jun -B.L. Racing Exhaust System

-Spreek Carbon Fiber Front Lip
-Spreek Caron Fiber Side Skirts
-Roof Spoiler with 3rd Brake Light LED
-Rear Taillights Smoke Out By JDMFV
-Rear Reflectors Delete by JDMFV
-Headlight Reflector Delete by JDMFV
-Stinger Trunk Emblem

-Recaro Seats
-Recaro Side Rails
-Custom Seat Bases

KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT Gallery

Photography: Nick Green (@nick.admedia)

Are you dying to drive this upgraded KEENDESIGN Kia Stinger GT with KD07 forged wheels?


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