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Friday FAIL: That’s NOT How a Drive-Thru Works!

Friday FAIL Bank Drive Thru Crash

Got more than money from the bank.

Knowing how to drive and paying attention to what you are doing is very important when driving any kind of vehicle. Not only are you responsible for yourself and anyone in your vehicle, but also the people, property, and things that are outside of and around your car.

This Kia Sorento was at a drive-thru at a bank in Rockford, Illinois, doing their business as usual while staying stopped by pressing on the brakes. That was a mistake. The driver opened up the door for some reason, only to take their foot off the brake pedal and begin rolling forward.

Friday FAIL Bank Drive Thru Crash

From there, our only guess is that the driver panicked and slammed the throttle, launching the Kia Sorento forward and through the grass, into the road ahead. There, the Kia driver kept going, right into and over the Hyundai Elantra that was stopped at a red light. At no time in this did the driver hit the brakes, meaning that this was most likely a cause of mistaken pedal and panic.

This could have all been avoided if the driver just put the vehicle in ‘park’ while at the ATM. It also could’ve been prevented if the driver just hit the brakes instead of the throttle. It also could have been prevented if the driver didn’t panic, either.

Lots of factors went into this crazy accident. Hopefully, nobody was hurt.

Source: Robb Brilbeck YouTube

How crazy was this accident at a bank in Rockford, IL where a Kia jumped a Hyundai?


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