The Wilton Classic and Supercar Event

Wilton Classic and Supercar Event

Held in the grounds of Wilton House, ancestral home of the Earl of Pembroke, Wilton Classic and Supercar (WCS) are now in their fifth year. WCS is run by enthusiasts, for motoring enthusiasts and is led by William Pembroke, 18th Earl, a self- confessed “petrolhead” (“gear head” to us yanks) and lover of both classics and supercars.

WCS brings together some of the best production supercars with gems from the classic world in a family friendly garden party setting. The show’s centerpiece is a parade of more than 150 supercars featuring marques such as Bugatti, Pagani, Ferrari, Mclaren and Aston Martin.

Visitors will be able to see the cornucopia of manufacturers carrying the British banner and their latest wares. Attendees can get up close a 1964 Facel Vega II whose first owner was Ringo Starr, a Jaguar E-Type 9600 HP, and a Series 1 right hand drive “Periscopico” Lamborghini Countach 1979; cars that are rarely seen and horribly expensive.

Wilton Classic and Supercar Event

The event will feature a timeline of 100 Aston Martins and race cars from the company’s collection. A stunt bike team, a helicopter acrobatic display and driving simulators are added attractions. A children’s area, centered on the Adventure Playground and magic shows throughout the day will keep kids as fascinated as their parent will be with the cars. A car show and a festival all-in-one, there will be plenty of food, a beer tent and ample space for picnics throughout the park. Wilton House’s world famous art collection and Palladian interiors will be open to Premium ticket holders for the day.

So all you need to do now is call your travel agent and get yourself over to England on August 4th. Learn more about the show online at www.wiltonclassicsupercar.co.uk.

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