Three lucky winners drive the Lexus LFA around Silverstone – Video

The LFA at Silverstone.

A while back Lexus held a facebook competition for fans to win a chance to drive the new Lexus LFA at Silverstone. Three lucky winners were chosen and given the keys to the right-hand drive, No. 16 Lexus LFA with a driving instructor riding shotgun.

Afterwards, Charlie Hollings gave each of the three winners a few hot laps in the Lexus LFA around Silverstone to show them the super car’s limits.

Here are some Lexus LFA Specs:
-4.8 liter V-10
-552 bhp at 8,700 RPM
-354 lb-ft. at 7,000 RPM
-Six-speed automatic sequential gearbox
-3,263 lbs. curb weight
-0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds

Watch and see how each of the winners fared with the LFA around Silverstone!

Lexus LFA Silverstone Video


[Source: Lexus]

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