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Thunderbolt by MB&F – Wednesday Watch

Most of the time, the design of a watch is about the case, dial, hands, crown, bracelet and so on. Later on, the watch manufacturer adds a suitable movement that will fit the watch case and deliver the required functionality. Not with Maximilian Büsser and Friends (MB&F)! This former managing director of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces (when he was just 31 years old) now creates his own master pieces, with the help from only the best people suitable for each project.

During his seven years at HW Rare Timepieces he transformed the company into a well respected haute horlogerie brand. In 2005, Maximilian Büsser resigned from HW Rare Timepieces to form his creative ideal: Maximilian Büsser & Friends. He now has full creative liberty to indulge in his passion for working with the most talented independent horological professionals. Together they are not simply pushing the limits of horology but creating a totally different dimension.

The Horological Machines – as MB&F calls them – are stunning pieces of art that combine haute horlogerie design with innovative outstanding technology. The watch case is built around the mechanical movement, not the other way around. These Horological Machines are rather three-dimensional micro-engineered machines than wristwatches.

The Horological Machines are each numbered and where the HM No.1, No.2 and No.3 were released in several different editions (e.g. Only Watch Monaco or the Alain Silberstein edition), No.4 is being introduced as ‘Thunderbolt’. The sneak preview is only showing its magnificent movement – the engine – which can be seen live during BaselWorld this week (starts tomorrow). The complete Thunderbolt watch will be revealed in July this year.

In the past, Maximilian Büsser called the movements of his Horological Machines engines as well. But with the sneak preview of the Thunderbolt (HM No.4), it is very obvious why they should! The whole idea of MB&F being about creating “kinetic art which gives time”, this HM4 engine symbolizes pretty well their creative philosophy. As the images below of the Engine of “Thunderbolt” reveals, HM No.4 will feature a calibre that is a complete departure from any watch movement known today.

Prices? From +/- 59.000 Euro (approx 81.000 USD) and up.

Max Busser Thunderbolt HM No.4 Gallery


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