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Tip! Get An IWC Ingenieur AMG While You Can – Wednesday Watch

Normally, I only blog about new time pieces for the Wednesday Watch section. However, knowing that you are car freaks and rather spend your budget on a car than on a watch, I suggest you take some time to read this article.

IWC doesn’t need an introduction, this brand is also known amongst people who have only little interested in time pieces. A well respected Swiss brand with great quality watches, for a relatively decent price. As their new line of watches were introduced last year, some of the former models are being phased out. One of these models is the IWC Ingenieur AMG.

In 2005, IWC re-introduced their watch for technicians.. the Ingenieur. Ingenieur is an official academic title used in (a.o.) Germany for engineers. This line of watches was first introduced in 1955 and in 1976/1977, IWC had the watch redesigned by famous watch designer Gérald Genta, also responsible for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in 1972 and the Patek Philippe Nautilus in 1976. This line of Ingenieur watches continued till the mid-nineties.

In 2004, just one year before the new IWC Ingenieur line was introduced, IWC and AMG announced a partnership coming up. As IWC CEO Georges Kern explained: “As an engineering brand, IWC Schaffhausen has a natural affinity with the puristic performance culture that AMG pursues so successfully. We also share a sense of understatement and discrete exclusivity. IWC is not interested in outward show, but focuses on the essential nature of what is on the wrist.”

In 2005, the new Ingenieur family was introduced by IWC, including a few AMG editions. The design was definitely leaning on Gérald Genta’s original design of 1976, but modernized to live up to the current standards of large watches (42.5mm in diameter), using an IWC in-house developed movement caliber 80110 for the normal versions and the famous and trusted ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement for the chronograph version. As the normal IWC Ingenieur became available in with a stainless steel or titanium bracelet only, the AMG version was only available in titanium and either with a titanium bracelet or a so called soft strap (as pictured).

To be honest, the AMG version did not became very popular, and were discounted heavily by watch dealers. The regular IWC Ingenieur 2005 model instantly became a cult watch (again), and the AMG edition was left alone by many. However, when IWC introduced their new line of Ingenieur watches earlier this year, I was amazed that IWC dropped the sharp edges on the Ingenieur’s case, blew up the diameter with a few millimetres extra and that the AMG partnership was a goner.

With an original retail price of 5900 Euro (+/- 8500 USD) for the original model and a few more dollars for the chronograph version, it has become quite interesting to obtain an AMG version produced somewhere between 2005 and 2009. Prices for the regular version vary between 2300 Euro (+/- 3500 USD) and 3500 Euro (+/- 5000 USD) for mint condition NIB (New In Box) Ingenieur AMG models. Despite the AMG specific dial and case back, this watch comes close to the ‘original’ Ingenieur by IWC and can now be had for a very decent price.

The price/quality ratio – for both the normal AMG version as the AMG Chronograph version – is fantastic. The craftsmanship of the movement, watch case and especially the bracelet is superb.

If you are a bit reluctant of buying on-line, where most Ingenieur AMG time pieces are offered, go see your local IWC Authorized Dealer and ask if he is still able to get an AMG version. If they can, don’t be shy to bargain and use the quoted ‘going’ prices.

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