Watch a Lotus Espirit SE Cruise around Warsaw, Poland


Nothing like a cruise through the city.

The Lotus Espirit is a sports car that’s often forgotten about. It began as a vehicle that showcased the brand’s “performance through light weight” principle and offered an optimum drivetrain layout with a mid/rear-mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

The fourth-generation Espirit, designed by Peter Stevens had a classic ‘80s/early-‘90s style, with its wedge shape and flowing lines. In SE (Special Equipment) trim, the Espirit featured a new Cahrgecooler and GM multi-port electronic fuel injection, allowing its turbocharged inline-four to produce up to 280 horsepower with overboost and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 4.7 seconds.

The Lotus Espirit is a classic sports car, so cruising around Warsaw, Poland sits high on the list of “Fun Things to do Today”.

Source: Motore PL

Where would you like to take a Lotus Espirit for a drive?


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