Watch this 1,300 HP Audi R8 Spit Fire

Fire Spitting Audi R8

Hell-o Audi from Hell.

The Audi R8 and its naturally-aspirated V-10 engine is already pretty powerful in stock form. The 525 horsepower output is more than enough to get the all-wheel drive, mid-engined super car to triple-digit speeds pretty quickly.

Fire Spitting Audi R8

And then there are those that are addicted to horsepower and are in a constant need for more. That’s how things like this force-fed, screaming Audi R8 V10 get built.

The 5.2-liter V-10 engine was strapped with a pair of turbochargers and lots of other goodies prior to being strapped to the dynometer to see what kind of numbers it could throw down. After some fire-spitting roars, this bad boy set the bar at 1,300 horsepower to the wheels with this anti-lag setup. That’s insane.

Next time, bring some marshmallows.

Source: Road_Channel YouTube Channel

How insane is this fire-spitting, 1,300 horsepower Audi R8 V10?


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