American Supercar Builders Mosler Automotive and Roisson Merge

Mosler- Rossion

Warren Mosler, the founder of Mosler Automotive and creator of the Mosler Consulier and MT900 has handed over the reins of his company to RP High Performance. You may know RP High Performance as the company that creates the Rossion, a Noble-inspired American supercar.

RP’s takeover will result in both brands continuing to operate, but under the Rossion name and under the hand of Ian Grunes. It is uncertain if the MT900 will be produced in the future, but Rossion does anticipate using Mosler technologies for future models.

Mosler- Rossion

Mosler’s experience racing will certainly come in handy. Rossion could also benefit from the tremendous breakthroughs in composite construction.

Despite the technologies Mosler used in his cars and the performance which rivaled well-established marques, Mosler was unable to continue in his quest. It is a shame to see this happen. Thankfully, the company is not just closing its doors, but another American supercar company is taking it further. We will hopefully hear more from Warren Mosler in the future and the amazing supercars he built.

Mosler- Rossion

What do you think of Rossion and Mosler joining forces?


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