The New Lucra: The Movie Star You’ve Never Heard Of

Lucra Prototype

Lucra, a California-based niche automaker, has announced a new model which is yet unnamed and is set to be revealed later this year. “What is a Lucra?” you ask? Well, if you saw the Fast & Furious 6, a green and yellow LC470 was one of the star cars. That’s a Lucra. If you haven’t seen the movie (shame on you), then we can’t totally blame you for having not heard of the company. The company was founded just three years ago in 2010 and until now, it still has only one model to its name: the LC470.

Pictures we’ve seen show a long, front- or mid-engine sports roadster – low slung, streamlined and muscular. The design also uses state-of-the-art materials such as carbon fiber, LED lighting and aluminum wheels.

Lucra Prototype

Lucra founder, Luke Richards, is a huge fan of big dirty V8s, yet also appreciative of lightweight British sports cars (a certain tinkering Texan we all knew and loved thought like that, too). Richards already sources 7.0-litre GM V8 engines from General Motors and naturally-aspirated 6.2-litre V8’s from Mercedes AMG.

No word on yet on how far along the development of the new car is, but considering the nature of the prototype, it won’t be long before a lot of people start talking about this new sports car from Lucra. Well, since you’re reading about it here, they already are.
Lucra has declined to reveal any more information about the project, but judging by the work done on its LC470, we’re sure it’ will be fast.

Lucra Gallery

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