The Most Haunted, Dangerous, and Best Driving Roads in the World – Infographic

Better than a haunted hayride.

Today is a day of fear, fright, and candy. Halloween is here to scare the pants off of you with all sorts of crazy costumes, tales of ghouls and demons, and legends passed down of horrific happenings around the world. As part of the devilish celebration, we’re taking a look at the Most Haunted, Dangerous, and Best Driving Roads from Around the World in one, big infographic.

We start off with some of the Most Dangerous Driving Roads in the world. Most of these roads involve driving through canyons or on the side of a mountain with numerous, sharp corners and narrow roadways that require extreme precision to traverse. The roads are all located in somewhat remote places of the world including Alaska, Bolivia, China, New Zealand, and even Italy.

Then things get a bit more fun with the Best Driving Roads in the world. These roads involve beautiful scenery and are spots where tourists from around the world come to enjoy the driving experience. There’s Big Sur, Furka Pass, Atlantic Pass, Tianmen Road, and even the unpaved White Rim Road that requires a mandatory permit for overnight trips.

But the best part is the Most Haunted Roads. These roads are filled with horrific tales of murder, accidents, and death. Souls that have not been put to rest are said to haunt these dangerous roads appearing as ghosts, soldiers from the past, hitchhikers, and other frightening creatures. These are the roads where evil, despair, and death lurk.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of a scare on Halloween night, don’t go to a haunted hayride. Instead, go for a drive down some of these roads.

Most Haunted Roads

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