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Feel Good Tuesday: Not all Motorcyclists are Jerks


“How We Do A Drive-By In America”

The ongoing debate with sharing the road with motorcyclists took a turn for the worse after the whole Range Rover biker gang incident in New York City last month. That only added fuel to the fire, and while motorcyclists aren’t looked at in the same light as bicyclists by drivers, there’s no love loss, or so it seems.

But the whole negative, stereotype of all motorcyclists being jerks is ridiculous, just like most other stereotypes (except for Prius drivers). These two videos can easily be appreciated by anyone no matter what mode of transportation they use.

YouTube user, bakerXderek, decided to record his good deed to inspire others around the world to do the same. While riding, he saw a man in a wheelchair that was stuck trying to cross the intersection. So, he stopped his motorcycle, got off, and wheeled the man across the street. He then gave him a wave after he drove past.

This random act of kindness also inspired YouTube user, RideVictoria, in Canada to help someone else that was stuck in a wheelchair. The rider pulled over into a parking lot when he saw a woman in an electric wheelchair was stuck in the dirt by the sidewalk she had been traveling down. He was able to help get her free and on her way.


We hope these two videos inspire you and others to go out and do something good for another person in need today. Random acts of kindness are infectious.

Sources: bakerXderek and RideVictoria YouTube Channel

Go out and help out a fellow person today!


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