The Devel Sixteen – The Stuff of Playground Fantasies


On the school playground, the usual banter included the all-too-famous “My Dad is better than your Dad.” You heard fantastic hyperbole and flat-out lying; claims that fathers in middle-class America could do kicks like Bruce Lee and bend steel like Superman.

When you have been surrounded by supercars that boast copious amounts of horsepower and you decide to strike out on your own automotive venture, a little exaggeration is in order.

We certainly hope that Rashid Al-Attari isn’t one of those playground kids. Who is Rashid Al-Attari, you ask? He’s the developer of the Devel Sixteen – a 5,000 horsepower one-off supercar with a quad-turbo V-16 powerplant and a top speed of 348mph. Mr. Al-Attari is either very focused or he has begun to believe his own hype.

Drag cars have long been able to produce these numbers, but to harness that power for a passenger car is a monumental feat unto itself, and Rashid Al-Attari appears to be convinced of the Devel Sixteen’s possibilities.


Sixteen cylinders and 5,000 ponies is a lot to lug around to the country club. The Devel Sixteen is to be designed with a “street mode” that will deactivate eight of the 16 cylinders and reduce power to about 800-900 horsepower. With a button that releases the other eight cylinders, all four turbos, and 4,200 more horsepower.

I hear you out there, saying: “Yeah, right…” And I see you pursing your lips together in disbelief. Problem is, DEVCI developers say there is a project in the works that is more powerful and they promise the type of excitement that fantasies are made of. If the company pulls it off, they will dethrone Mr. Veyron and have the new superlative poster car. If not, they have at least given us something to talk about until we are strapped into the next mythical speed machine.

This won’t be the first time we have heard promises of exorbitant horsepower. However, I will reserve judgment. I don’t want to be the one whose mouth gapes open when this guy’s dad pulls up and we discover “He IS Superman!!

Do you believe the outrageous claims for the Devel Sixteen?


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