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An-ATOM-y of the BEAST

Rezvani Beast

Beast is a rather daring description of any car for a journalist to make. It becomes even more audacious when a car company scribbles this on the back of one of its products.

This week, Rezvani issued it official press release promoting their latest offering: the BEAST. The car will be offered in two flavors; BEAST 300 and BEAST 500. The name is probably going to stick because the car is based on an atom, an Ariel Atom. Customers will use the original Fisker formula and buy an Ariel Atom to upgrade it to Rezvani Beast mode or they can purchase a finished car.

An off-the-shelf Beast 300 comes standard with a supercharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 315 hp and 239 lb-ft. of torque; all in a package that weighs as much as a refrigerator and the men who will carry it for you – 1,470 ibs.

Rezvani Beast

Reach a little higher and you’ll grab the BEAST 500; 1,550 lbs. of supercharged and turbocharged four-banger. A total of 500 horsepower and 427lb-ft. of torque thrust a BEAST 500 to 60mph in 2.7 seconds. Additional upgrades include an M62 Supercharger, Garret turbocharger DDM, ECU, upgraded clutch and flywheel and a host of engine material enhancements.

There will be special pricing for the initial run of cars, $99,500 for the BEAST 300 and $124,900 for the 500. These special prices only apply to the “Launch Edition” and once the Launch Edition cars are sold, prices will be set at $119,000 and $139,000 respectively. Upgrades to existing customer Atoms will cost about $49,000 for a 300 package and $69,000 for the 500 package.

With looks that remind us of an Aventador and power that reminds us of why the Ariel Atom is such a good driver’s car, this BEAST lives up to its name.

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Is the Rezvani Beast 300/500 a supercar that you would buy?


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