Watch a Lamborghini Diablo Eat some Guardrail


That’ll buff right out.

Lamborghini events are always fun to attend and participate in because of the sheer amount of power and performance that’s on display. At a recent event in Tokyo, Japan, some attendees got a bit more out of the show in the form of a crash.

As cars were leaving and speeding off, one owner of a Diablo decided to showboat a bit by leaving with their doors up. As they started to drive faster, they closed the doors and hit the throttle, quickly overwhelming the all-wheel drive system and oversteering right into the guardrail, resulting in quite a bit of damage.


You can be sure that this driver learned out the hard way not to drive like an idiot and try to showboat at a car show when you can’t handle a car’s power.


Source: Motorinformation

How stupid was this Lamborghini driver?


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