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Friday FAIL: Ferrari Cavalcade Crash in Capri!

Friday FAIL: Ferrari F50 Cavalcade Crash

Rear-ended by an F50.

Every year, the Ferrari Cavalcade is held on the Italian island of Capri. Here, owners and enthusiasts bring their vintage, rare, and exotic Ferrari models out of the garage to enjoy the winding Mediterranean roads and show off.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari F50 Cavalcade Crash

Unfortunately, this year’s Cavalcade starred an F50 causing some serious damage to itself and 488 Pista.

During the Cavalcade cruise, drivers and their Ferraris were slowly going through the island streets and showing off to bystanders, who were more than happy to take pictures and video as the exotics flew past. Some of the drivers chose to slow down and give onlookers a better chance to take a picture or video.

However, some drivers were too busy not paying attention to the road.

Friday FAIL: Ferrari F50 Cavalcade Crash

One driver of a Ferrari 488 Pista had slowed down as bystanders took picture and video of their super car. Behind, the driver of an F50 wasn’t paying attention, and failed to slow down and brake for the 488 Pista waiting ahead.

As you can guess, the F50 slammed right into the back of the 488 Pista, causing some serious damage to both cars. Thankfully, all three people involved in the accident managed to walk away, one of which with a very big bill for insurance to take care of.

Source: YouTube, Instagram

How upsetting was it to see this Ferrari F50 rear-end a 488 Pista?


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