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Friday FAIL: Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crashes in China

Friday FAIL Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crash

Dashcam Italian action.

It’s not always easy driving an exotic super car, especially one that packs an incredible amount of power. The Ferrari F12Berlinetta and its 7.3-liter, 730-horsepower V-12 can be a thrill to drive, but requires some skill when that throttle is pushed.

Friday FAIL Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crash

This Ferrari owner in China is the perfect example of why things can get real squirrely really quick when that V-12 is opened up.

While driving on a wet highway in traffic, one Ferrari driver lost control after hitting the accelerator and quickly paid for the mistake. At the push of the throttle, traction was quickly lost to the rear wheels thanks to the wet asphalt. The driver attempted to correct but it was all for naught. The F12Berlinetta quickly slammed into the concrete barrier and spun around. To add insult to injury, the car then rolled into the opposite barrier before coming to a rest.

Friday FAIL Ferrari F12Berlinetta Crash

Although the video doesn’t show the driver going nuts and showing off on the highway, it does show that it doesn’t take much to lose control of a super car with that kind of power – especially on a wet road.

So, next time you find yourself driving a super car, make sure you’re pushing it on the track and not on public roads.

Source: Exotic Car Footage YouTube

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