Friday FAIL: This Ferrari Crash is just Sad

Friday FAIL Ferrari 550 Barchetta


We’ve seen a lot of supercar crashes and follies on Friday FAIL. They almost always involve idiots trying to do something they shouldn’t and not being able to handle a high-powered vehicle at high speeds. This Ferrari 500 Barchetta crash follows that same recipe but is just pathetic after seeing it unfold on video.

The Ferrari 550 Barchetta is a rare car, so rare that only 448 examples of the PIninfarina-styled car were ever made. The mid-engined supercar was a true roadster that didn’t have any sort of retractable top, only a small emergency cloth top from the factory.

This driver of one of these rare cars was going to make a simple left turn out of a lot and onto a street lined with cars. No big deal, right? Well, this wouldn’t be Friday FAIL without some kind of idiot messing up something simple. The driver gave the Ferrari 550 Barchetta too much throttle and lost traction and control, sending it right into a Ford parked along the side of the road in a pathetic, low-speed accident.

The Ferrari was able to drive off with only “minor” damage (that will still cost quite a bit) while the Ford was left with a big dent.


And another angle…


Source: Rjtdbf and JuliansCarChannel YouTube, CarBuzz

How sad and pathetic is this Ferrari 550 Barchetta crash on Friday FAIL?


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