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What do you call Four Ferrari FXX K on the Track? Awesome.

Four Ferrari FXX K IMOLA

A flock of FXX K.

Seeing a Ferrari LaFerrari is a rare treat in and of itself. Seeing its hardcore, track-only FXX K variant is even more uncommon. Four Ferrari FXX Ks on the track is pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, unless you’re part of the list of super-exclusive list of Client-Test Drivers.

Four Ferrari FXX K IMOLA

Luckily, a private Ferrari Corse Clienti event was going on at IMOLA and Marchettino was able to capture four of the hybrid hypercar beasts speeding around the track, going as far as the drivers could push them.

The brilliant display of power is nothing short of exciting and mesmerizing, especially with the roaring V-12 engines, active aerodynamics, and loud backfires from the engines.

This is definitely a video with which you will need to crank up the volume on your speakers.

Source: Marchettino

Which Ferrari FXX K was your favorite at IMOLA?


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