Love it or Hate it? Black and Red McLaren P1 by MSO

Black and Red MSO McLaren P1

Showing off a unique style.

Back in 2011, McLaren officially launched their McLaren Special Operations (MSO) bespoke personalization service division. The new MSO division was born from the McLaren Customer Care Programme that was created for owners of the legendary McLaren F1 to service and customize their vehicle. For an additional fee, it allows owners to do virtually anything they desire to change the look of their car.

Black and Red MSO McLaren P1

Today, many McLaren customers have taken advantage of the MSO’s abilities to create one-off, custom-tailored works of automotive art. Many of those special customers have keys to the new hybrid McLaren P1 hypercar.

One of the latest MSO-produced models is this McLaren P1 wearing a black and red color scheme. The exterior of the 903 bhp super car is dressed in a dark black paint which is highlighted by red accents throughout. Parts such as the front hood, contour lines, A- and C-pillars along the roof, and spoiler edging all wear a vibrant red paint. The color is also worn by each of the doors as it gradually fades from front to rear. Each outer edge of the wheel’s spokes and rim also sports the red paint.

Black and Red MSO McLaren P1

The addition of the red highlights add to the athletic character of the P1 and draws attention to the aerodynamic details and design language throughout the exterior. The same theme is also carried over to the interior.

Inside, the McLaren P1’s cockpit has a black and carbon fiber base for the dashboard, center console, instrument binnacle, seats, and steering wheel. These are all contrasted by red highlights. The vibrant color adorns the steering wheel, air vent surrounds, door panels, and center console. Red stitching is also used on the steering wheel, door panels, and seats to match the new, sporty highlights.

Black and Red MSO McLaren P1

While this new color scheme might not tickle everybody’s fancy, it doesn’t matter because that’s what this owner wanted and MSO was more than happy to oblige.

MSO McLaren P1 Gallery

Source: McLaren

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