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Watch SIX Ferrari FXX K and More Take to Spa!

Ferrari FXX K Spa Francorchamps

Hooray for XX DAY!

The Ferrari XX Program gives super-rich Ferrari loyalists the chance to race really rare, special cars supported by the automaker at tracks around the globe. It’s a great program, especially if you have a lot of money and/or love hearing track-spec cars get pushed to the limit.

Ferrari FXX K Spa Francorchamps

Thankfully, at the recent Ferrari Corse Clienti day at Spa Francorchamps, YouTube car specialist, Shmee150, was able to film all of the Ferrari XX Program cars in the paddock and on the wet track.

All the special racing glory from the Ferrari FXX K to the 599XX Evo and even past Formula 1 cars made the rounds at the iconic track, all for us to enjoy.

Turn up the volume because these cars sound amazing.

Source: Shmee150

Which Ferrari XX Program car sounded the best?


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