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Watch: Heart vs. Power with the Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 Review

A look into the emotional connection to a super car.

Super cars these days are utterly insane. It seems as though every month or so a new model or model variant pops up and blows the doors off of previously unheard-of performance figures. Acceleration, power, lap times, etc. are all being broken on an almost daily basis and cars that were once at the forefront are quickly fading into the past.

Ferrari F430 Review

But, that doesn’t mean that these “outdated” super cars aren’t fun and exciting cars to drive. They still elicit a very engaging and emotional response and connection from the driver that set them in a league of their own.

That’s exactly the reason as to why the.leviathan bought his Ferrari F430. There are other super cars out there that are faster, more power, and more exclusive, but it’s all about the feel and the experience of the F430 that makes it special.

Source: the.leviathan

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