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10th Historic Acropolis Rally Video

Vintage rallying at its finest.

With all of the high-tech mechanics and high-powered cars of today, sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and watch some classic old-school rally racing; the kind that reminds us of the good ol’ days when Datsuns weren’t called Nissans, and Toyotas were sporty.

It’s been ten years since the beginning of the Acropolis Rally in Greece, and the decade-long rally has brought out the best vintage racers from Porsche 911s to Lancia Fulvia Coupes. The 10th Historic Acropolis Rally was held on both gravel and tarmac; throughout the day and night. So, make the video full screen, turn up the volume, and check out some old rally racers (and skip to 1:30 if you can’t stand the music and want to hear the cars).

10th Historic Acropolis Rally Video


[Source: mantroskilos Youtube Channel]

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