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ABT Sportsline Gives Details of its new ABT QS7 Upgrade Pack

ABT QS7 Audi Q7

Taking on the new Audi Q7.

The new Audi Q7 is lighter, more efficient, and technologically advanced compared to its outdated predecessor that seemed to hang around forever. The new model is just hitting the market and ABT Sportsline is hitting the drawing boards for the new ABT QS7 upgrade package.

ABT QS7 Audi Q7

”With our extension parts, we want to visually underline that the Q7 of the second generation is much lighter, more streamlined and sporty than its 10-year-old predecessor”, said CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.

As of now, ABT Sportsline has the exterior upgrades ready to go for the new SUV. The ABT QS7 can be given a more dynamic appearance to suit its lighter weight with enhancements such as the new front skirt, door strip attachments, fender inserts, and rear skirt set with integrated muffler and tailpipes.

For those that want an even meaner, more menacing appearance, they can opt for the ABT Sportsline Audi QS7 widebody kit. The kit includes front and rear fender extensions as well as an optional rear skirt kit with integrated tailpipes and muffler.

ABT QS7 Audi Q7

Each ABT QS7 can also be fitted with a range of ABT Sportsline alloy wheels. The featured models are the ABT FR wheels in a 10.0 x 22 setup with 305/30 R22 tires that perfectly fill in the extended wheel arches.

ABT Sportsline is currently working on a range of engine tuning upgrades for the newly-released Audi Q7 and will be available at a later date. Pricing and specifications for the new ABT QS7 are not yet available.

ABT QS7 Audi Q7 Gallery

Source: ABT Sportsline

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