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Acura Goes ‘Runnin’ with the Devil’ in their Super Bowl Spot

Acura NSX Super Bowl 50

All for the new NSX.

Mark your calendars for February 25th, because that’s when you can start building your own dream in the form of the new Acura NSX. The brand’s new “What He Said” Super Bowl 50 commercial will undoubtedly cause the same high-pitched screams as David Lee Roth because it did for our baritone-voiced editor.

Acura NSX Super Bowl 50

The new commercial features bits and pieces of the new Acura NSX transforming into the finished product with red, white, and blue colors flashing throughout to symbolize the American development of the new turbocharged, hybrid super car.

We’ve already started marking down our calendars, have you?

Source: Acura

Does Van Halen have you excited for the new Acura NSX?


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