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Friday FAIL: Acura NSX Crashes right after Leaving Dealership!

Acura NSX Crash

Well, that lasted long.

The Acura NSX is an incredible super car packed with all sorts of technology to provide maximum power, performance, handling, and grip. The mid-engine hybrid drivetrain provides quick all-wheel drive responsiveness and handling while its low center of gravity and wide track serve up loads of grip.

So we’re left scratching our heads at this driver who crashed right around the corner after leaving the dealership.

Acura NSX Crash

Unless the driver was not paying attention or completely careless with the throttle, this crash is not going to happen. From the video of the accident, the whole front fascia is toast and there’s bound to be quite a bit of damage to the underbody and possibly suspension after finding its way into what appears to be a beer garden.

The dealership is right around the corner according to the video uploader, which makes this even more of a ‘FAIL’ in our book.

You couldn’t make it five minutes without crashing your Acura NSX?

Source: william baker YouTube

How sad is it that this driver crashed their Acura NSX right around the corner from the dealership?


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