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Now THIS is a proper Blow-Off Valve!

Chicken BOV

Chicken toy modifications.

This Suzuki Jimny, aka Samurai in the ‘States, is one of the popular Kei cars rolling around Japan still. They may have small engines, but they have turbochargers to compensate. This one has been modified not for performance but for sound – and it’s brilliant.

Chicken BOV

Instead of your traditional blow-off valve upgrade that makes a whoosh or whistle sound, this owner decided to make things a bit more comical. Beneath the hood of the Suzuki sits a chicken toy that makes a loud squeal sound.

This wacky BOV upgrade might not have the same cool whistle as some people love, but it’s definitely one of the funniest (or most annoying) you’ll see.

Source: Wani Media YouTube

Would you install a chicken toy blow-off valve on your turbocharged car?


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