Your Weekend GIF: Taking a Turn on Two Wheels

Weekend GIF Two Wheeled Turn

That’s how you do it, folks!

Rally racing is one of, if not the hardest, forms of motorsports in the world. It requires all sorts of skill, reactions, strategy, and of course, luck. This two-wheeled turn in San Pedro de Rocas is a beautiful display of skill, experience, and a lot of luck.

Driver Óscar Barroso and copilot David Míguez know how to push a car to its limits, but this two-wheeled driving feat is literally taking that to the extreme. During the 47th edition of the Rallye de Ourense, the team came into a corner hot and managed to tip the car up onto two wheels. Somehow, Barroso was able to control it enough to get it around the corner safely, like a total boss.

When life throws you a curve, sometimes you just need to drive through it on two wheels.

Here’s the video of the turn:


Source: Roberto Salgado YouTube

Think you could pull off this two-wheeled rally turn?


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