The Top 10 Beautifully Challenging Highways in the US – Infographic

Ten fun and scenic roads across the country.

It’s always sad to see an automaker pull out of a market or go out of business no matter what brand it is. This means that fewer, unique options are available to the consumer and that another brand is in the graveyard. What does this have to do with the “10 Most Beautifully Challenging Highways in America”? Well, Suzuki has unfortunately pulled out of the United States market, but before they did, they created a great infographic detailing some of the best driving roads in the United States to try and promote their all-wheel drive models.

The infographic goes on to detail iconic roads such as Highway 1 – California’s Big Sur Coast Highway, Highway 50 – Nevada’s The Loneliest Road in America, and the US 129 –Tennessee’s Tail of the Dragon. Everything from the length of the highway to the unique scenery featured throughout the drive is showcased in the Suzuki infographic. We’re just sad to see that they will no longer be in the United States market.

Suzuki Highway Infographic

[Source: Suzuki]

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