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Alfa Romeo Takes the Sheets off the new 4C Super Car (Coming to the US!)

Alfa 4C

Mid-engined compact super car.

This isn’t your average Alfa Romeo model unveiling. It’s not just a stunning new Italian super car that promises to astonish you with its looks and its driving dynamics, but it’s an announcement that driving enthusiasts can celebrate across the Atlantic in the ‘States. The new Alfa Romeo 4C isn’t just going to make its debut at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva, it is also going to mark the return of Alfa Romeo to the United States!

The new Alfa Romeo 4C is the definition of a true Alfa Romeo super car, combining performance, style, and technology to provide an unrivaled driving experience. The car began as a concept that made its debut at the 2011 International Motor Show in Geneva and took home three awards for its design. The “4C” acronym draws from the company’s heritage with such cars as the 6C and 8C using powerful six- and eight-cylinder engines. This time around, the “4C” acronym points to the new 1750 Turbo four-cylinder engine and the fact that the super car boasts a power-to-weight ratio less than 4kg/hp.

Form and function are the two focal points when the Alfa Romeo Style Center designed the new 4C. One of the iconic models that were referenced numerous times in the exterior design was the Stradale 33 incorporating such aspects as the rear fender inlets and exhaust outlets. Much of the exterior also draws from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione by combining technical innovation with a beautifully designed skin. Optimum aerodynamic efficiency was also achieved as engineers and designers were able to reach a negative Cz (coefficient of downforce), to help provide superb stability and performance at high speeds. The new 4C features very compact dimensions, measuring less than 4.0 meters in length, 200 cm wide, 118 cm high, and with a wheelbase of less than 2.4 meters, all contributing to the car’s superb agility.

Alfa 4C

Powering the new Alfa Romeo 4C will be the 1750 Turbo inline-four cylinder engine. The all-aluminum engine is similar to the one used in the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde that displaces 1.75 liters and churns out 232 horsepower, but you can expect more in the 4C version. The Alfa Romeo 4C’s 1750 Turbo will boast an innovative aluminum block with exclusive intake and exhaust systems, combined with direct fuel injection, continuous variable valve timing, and a new scavenging control system that eliminates turbocharger lag. The engine will be mated to an Alfa TCT automatic twin dry clutch gearbox that will offer segment-best weight and shift speed, and can be controlled by two steering wheel-mounted shift paddles.

Inside, the technical innovation and dedication to performance to achieve a driving perfection is ever apparent. The carbon fiber central cell was left bare to showcase the commitment to low weight and convey a uniqueness of the super car and two bucket seats hold the driver and passenger in place during high-performance driving. The Alfa Romeo 4C will also feature the company’s new DNA selector that will have three standard modes (Dynamic, Natural, All-Weather) and a special fourth, Race mode that will improve the driving experience on the race track even further.

The new Alfa Romeo 4C mid-engined, rear-wheel drive super car will be built at the Maserati plant in Modena and be available for purchase later this year. The new super car will also mark the return of Alfa Romeo to the United States, a market that has not seen imports from the Italian automaker since 1995. Get ready to celebrate!

Alfa 4C


[Source: Alfa Romeo]

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