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This is the Ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C, Hands Down

Ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

Well, “Alfa Romeo 4C”.

While racecars are completely different versions of their road-going counterparts, they still often have some of the same DNA hidden beneath their downforce-inducting bodywork. This Alfa Romeo 4C racer project built for hillclimbing is one of them.

Ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

Owned by Macro Gramenzi and built by Picchino Racing, this Alfa Romeo 4C shares little with its factory counterpart aside from the carbon fiber chassis and design of the body. An extended wheelbase with pushrod suspension and 13-inch wheels grip the asphalt while a 600-horsepower 1.75-liter turbocharged inline four mated to a TMT-200 sequential gearbox throws down some serious power. The rear spoiler, as you also could’ve guessed, is not standard either but a way to get a tremendous amount of downforce while also doubling as a table for a post-race meal.

Seen here at the 2016 Trogeo Vallecamonica Italian hillclimb, the Alfa Romeo 4C project is fantastic to watch.

Source: 19Boxxy92 YouTube

Is this the most hardcore Alfa Romeo 4C you’ve ever seen?


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