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Friday FAIL: Ford Focus RS Drift Mode FAIL

Friday FAIL: Ford Focus RS Drift Mode Crash

Too Fast, Too Furious, Too Much Stupidity.

Just because a car has a ‘Drift Mode’ doesn’t mean you should use it. Why? Well, you’re basically causing the car to lose traction and go sideways, which can create unsafe situations if you’re not skilled or very careful – especially on public streets.

This former member of the NYST (New York ST Club) gave us the perfect example of why using Drift Mode is not always a good idea.

Friday FAIL: Ford Focus RS Drift Mode Crash

While the NYST Club was doing a group drive outside of New Paltz, NY, they pulled onto the 44/55 Hairpin to do some photography and take some aerial drone shots. While, the majority of them pulled over, one member thought they’d show off by engaging Drift Mode in their Focus RS and slide past. The only problem was that the driver couldn’t control the drift and ended up going sideways off the road, and into the face of the rocky cliff before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, all of the airbags deployed and nobody was hurt in the situation. The member is no longer a part of the NYST Club due to their actions, because the club is about enjoying their vehicles in a safe manner.

So, just because your car has a certain high-performance mode or drift function, doesn’t mean that you have to use it and show off, because you’ll likely just being making an ass out of yourself.

Source: Craig Media Productions YouTube

How stupid was this Ford Focus RS driver trying to show off and crashing in Drift Mode?


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