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All of your Favorite “Ultracars” on One Track

Brands Hatch Ultracar Club

What an experience at Brands Hatch.

Imagine seeing an Aston Martin Vulcan. Then a McLaren P1 speeds by only to be followed up by its hardcore track-only cousin, the P1 GTR. To finish it all off, a Pagani Huayra roars past. Don’t pinch yourself because it’s not a dream – it’s the Ultracar Club at Blancpain at Brands Hatch event.

Brands Hatch Ultracar Club

Consisting of two 30-minute track sessions, the Ultracar Club event saw some serious exotics racing around Brands Hatch. The McLaren P1, P1 GTR, Pagani Huayra, and Aston Martin Vulcan were just a few stars to be slicing and dicing the British circuit while we watch on in amazement.


Which one of these “Ultracars” would you pick to drive at Brands Hatch?


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