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Your Anderson Germany DBS Casino Royale is ready, Mr. Bond

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale

An MI6-spec Aston Martin.

We’ve seen Mr. Bond drive his fair share of sexy sports cars in the 007 movie franchise. BMWs, Aston Martins, Lotuses, Audis, and more have all had the MI6 secret agent behind the wheel. Now Anderson Germany is offering the new DBS Casino Royale to customers that want a taste of international espionage.

The new Anderson Germany DBS Casino Royale is a dynamic super car that can slip away from the bad guys and sweep the prettiest of Bond girls off their feet. The entire exterior was finished in a smooth matte grey paint and contrasting shiny grey radiator case, window borders, and tailgate block. For better aerodynamics, a new carbon fiber front spoiler, rear diffuser, and mirrors were installed. Anderson German also painted the Aston Martin logos on the hood and trunk bronze and gave all of the windows a dark tint.

Even the calipers on the Anderson Germany DBS Casino Royale are painted bronze. Each caliper stands out with the darker finish through five-spoke in-house 21-inch grey finished wheels with a slight concave design. The wide wheels on the DBS are fitted with grippy 255 and 295 tires on the front and rear for better handling and performance.

Although there may not be missiles behind the headlights, smokescreens in the diffuser, or machine guns in the front bumper, the DBS Casino Royale does have quite the payload under the hood. The V-12 was given a full exhaust system with new catalytic converter, manifolds, pipes, and black valve system with three sound modes that not only increases power but sheds 46 lbs. compared to the stock exhaust. Anderson Germany also developed a software tuning program that works with the exhaust to increase output from 510 horsepower to 5712.

The interior of the Anderson Germany DBS Casino Royale is also a swank place to be. The German tuner installed a new carbon package with carbon fiber vents, cup holders, steering wheel, door handles, ashtray, handbrake, center console, and door sills. Each seat was dressed in a welt and diamond bronze welt tuxedo while the rest of the cockpit was finished with carbon fiber and alcantara.

The Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale is currently available as a complete car. Customers can also order individual accessories. Note: Bond girls and armaments are not included.

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale Specifications

Displacement: 5.9 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-12
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 572
-Full exhaust system with three-mode valve control; saves 42 lbs. in weight
-Software tune

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Anderson Germany five-spoke with slight concave and shiny grey finish
Wheel Size: 21 inches
Front Tires: 255
Rear Tires: 295

-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser
-Carbon fiber side mirrors
-Bronze Aston Martin logos
-Matte grey exterior paint
-Shiny grey window borders, radiator case, and tailgate block
-Tinted windows

-Carbon fiber kit that includes: door sills, door handles, center console, ashtrays, handbrake, cup holders, vents, and steering wheel.
-Carbon fiber and alcantara interior trim
-Welt and diamond bronze welt seat upholstery

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale Gallery

[Source: Anderson Germany]

Is the Anderson Germany DBS Casino Royale worth of being a Bond car? Leave a comment and let us know!


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