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Another Mustang, Another Idiot, Another Crash

Ford Mustang Crash into Lamborghini Dealership

The legend keeps on growing.

We can’t make this stuff up. The joke kind of never gets old because seeing people so willing to put their stupidity on display for the public to see just blows our minds. Here’s another Ford Mustang, another idiot, and another crash.

This crash comes to us from Texas, where some friends were following another driving a Ford Mustang. The Mustang driver pulled out onto a public road during some rain, and proceeded to put down the power – because that’s the smartest thing to do.

Ford Mustang Crash into Lamborghini Dealership

Any intelligent person knows this is going to result in a loss of traction, but this driver thought they could control it. The only problem was that they couldn’t control the car as it went sideways, and proceeded to slide right into the Lamborghini dealership right next door.

The Ford Mustang drove through a fence where it finally came to a rest. The friends following behind quickly jumped out to make sure the driver was okay (thankfully they were) and that nobody else was harmed.

These stories never end.

Source: Sinclair Photos YouTube

Are you tired of Ford Mustang drivers not being able to control their cars and crash into things?


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