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Another Serious GT-R; Another Serious Record

EKanooRacing Nissan GT-R

Eating up drag strips since the Jurassic period.

Those Nissan GT-Rs need to seriously take a break. Everyone else in the world needs some time to catch up to these insane records that they have been laying down on drag strips across the globe.

EKanooRacing Nissan GT-R

The latest to break a quarter-mile record is the EKanooRacing’s T1 R35 Nissan GT-R that’s been heavily modified to make time and space disappear right before your eyes.

With the car, the team was able to put down an impressive, record-setting 7.265-second quarter-mile time at 328 km/h (203.81 mph).

That’s insane.

Source: EKanooRacingTV YouTube

Do you think that the EKanooRacing Nissan GT-R can go faster?


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