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Audi RS4 Driver Blows Tire Trying to Chase a New NSX

Audi RS4 vs Acura NSX

Super Bowl Blowout.

On Super Bowl Sunday, one driver with a 2007 Audi RS4 was leaving the store with a car full of groceries when he came across an exotic white super car. Being that it was unlike anything else on the road, he decided to investigate.

Audi RS4 vs Acura NSX

And by investigate, we mean drive the hell out of his Audi in an attempt to keep up with a new Acura NSX.

The two cars headed down Latigo Canyon, in California, with its winding roads and blind turns. The Acura NSX clearly had the speed and handling advantage, but the Audi driver tried to keep up as best he could.

After almost a minute of chasing, the Audi hit some debris along the side of the road and blew a tire.

The only plus side to this is that it could’ve prevented a more serious accident with the way that the two cars were driving.

No word on if he was late to the Super Bowl party with his groceries.

Source: Jeff Faeber YouTube

Was this driver’s decision to chase an Acura NSX a bad one?


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