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B&B Automobiltechnik gives the new Audi TT More Dynamics

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

Having some fun with the newest TT.

B&B Automobiltechnik already has a head start on their competition when it comes to the new, third-generation Audi TT (8S). The quick and nimble sports car might be just hitting the pavement but they already have three stages of tuning for the TT and they promise to serve up a lot of fun.

Starting things off is the Stage 1K (Comfort) package that costs 1,198 Euros. The package includes a slight tune to increase the boost pressure as well as the fuel injection parameters for a total of 300 horsepower and 310 lb-ft. of torque from the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four. The Stage 1S (Sport) for 1,698 Euros includes the aforementioned upgrades and optimized air intake paths for a total of 310 horsepower and 321 lb-ft. of torque.

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

Stepping things up a notch is the B&B Automobiltechnik Stage 2 program for the Audi TT. The 3,950-Euro package includes a larger diameter, optimized cross-section exhaust tube and sport catalytic converters along with an increase in boost pressure by about 3.6 PSI (.25 BAR) and optimized fuel injection for a total of 326 horsepower and 332 lb-ft. of torque.

The top dog in the Audi TT tuning program from B&B Automobiltechnik is the 9,950-Euro Stage 3 package. Here, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is fitted with a new turbocharger and intercooler, larger air intake system, sports exhaust system with pre-tube and racing catalytic converter, along with an ECU tune to accommodate for the new hardware. This results in a total of 360 horsepower and 369 lb-ft. of torque. In this form, the TT is capable of accelerating to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, 124 mph in 17.4 seconds, and to a top speed of 171.5 mph.

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

But the Audi TT performance upgrades from B&B Automobiltechnik didn’t stop there. The team also whipped up some upgrades to make the chassis even more nimble. A basic set of sport springs helps to reduce the ride height by 30- and 25 mm at the front and rear, respectively, while a more dynamic adjustable threaded suspension gives drivers more control through the corners. New front and rear stabilizer bars can also be added to reduce any body roll. New lightweight 10.0 x 20 wheels help to add more presence and wear 265/30 R20 tires for added grip. The final option for the Audi TT’s chassis comes in the form of a six- or four-piston high-performance braking system that helps bring the sports car to a halt quicker than the stock models.

B&B Automobiltechnik also offers a range of other upgrades individually, ranging from an oil cooling system to exhausts for added performance and reliability. The entire list of upgrades are available from the German company for the third-generation Audi TT (8S) currently.

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT Specifications

Displacement: 2.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-four
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Tune: Stage 3
Maximum Horsepower: 360
Maximum Torque: 369 lb-ft. / 500 Nm

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.8 seconds
Acceleration 0-124 mph: 17.4 seconds
Top Speed: 171.5 mph / 276 km/h

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, and Brakes:
Wheels: Weight-optimized 10.0 x 20
Tires: 265/30 R20
Suspension: Sport springs or threaded chassis
Brakes: High-performance system with six- or four-piston calipers

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT Gallery

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

B&B Automobiltechnik Audi TT

Source: B&B Automobiltechnik

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