Behind-the-Scenes with the Lamborghini Mustang

Lamborghini Mustang Vlog

A vlog from your favorite Ferrari owner in Toronto.

We’ve seen and enjoyed many videos from the.leviathan showing the priceless reactions that people have to his Ferrari F430 in Toronto. He has been compiling videos for quite some time and gaining a lot of popularity.

Lamborghini Mustang Vlog

To give us a glimpse into the story of the.leviathan and his Ferrari F430 as well as the reason that he creates these videos, he made a behind-the-scenes vlog. There are also quite a few stories about his different super cars that didn’t get filmed as well. The whole point of the channel is to share his experience of driving a super car with others, and for that, we’re thankful.

It also shows how crazy Toronto can be.

Source: the.leviathan YouTube


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