Travel Back in Time with the Bespoke Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

 Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

Looking back to the days of luxury travel.

We all know Rolls Royce is at the pinnacle of luxury, but they’re taking it a step further with their new bespoke Pinnacle Travel Phantom. Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, the new Pinnacle Travel Phantom is designed to celebrate the success of Rolls Royce in China and celebrate the country’s love of travel through an innovative handcrafted luxury interior.

“Bespoke is Rolls-Royce and our Chinese customers know it. To celebrate China’s love of travel and the success of Bespoke in China, I am proud to unveil Pinnacle Travel Phantom,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “This car is a showcase of Rolls-Royce’s pre-eminence in Bespoke design seen through the prism of luxury travel.”

The new Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom is the pinnacle of the pinnacle of luxury from the British automaker. Every stitch, color, piece of fabric, and grain of wood was meticulously chosen and handcrafted for this model to create a luxury landscape that is rarely seen in motoring.

 Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

Each model features a special two-tone interior color scheme with Maderia Red and Silver Sand being the featured combination that also includes a special motif of a train traveling at speed, paying homage to the classic days where traveling was an exciting experience. If the red and silver color scheme isn’t your fancy, then Rolls Royce also offers the Pinnacle Travel Phantom with Infinity Black with Silver Haze or Melanite and Palladium combinations.

The featured color scheme includes soft Morello Red and Seashell leather combinations for the seats, roofliner, pillars, and door panels while Morello Red wool floor mats keep those feet comfortable. The seat flutes and rear seat cushions were given a special Smoke Grey thread motif that depicts luxury travel adds a certain high-end feel that is often unmatched.

 Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

Easily the most incredible and eye-catching part of the Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom is the complex wood. This isn’t just some high-end wood paneling hand-veneered by craftsman, it’s an intricate display of vintage luxury travel. Lasers have cut 230 pieces of marquetry that are hand assembled by master craftsman in a way that depicts a special motif of a cross-continental train with smoke rising across the landscape. This classic motif echoes across the glove box, door cards, rear picnic tables, and door caps. Even the door panels feature the motif, where 24,633 stitches were used to create the masterpiece.

The new Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom takes the custom-tailored, high-end luxury travel experience to a new level of comfort and craftsmanship. Official details on the pricing and available have not yet been released by the British automaker.

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Source: Rolls Royce

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