The new Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W says Goodbye to Hands and Digits

Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W

The world’s first wristwatch in words.

Biegert & Funk is known for their unique way of displaying time with their popular line of wall and table clocks that display time in a unique way, using text instead of numbers and hands. The QLOCKTWO was a simple and clean design that is now being featured for the first time in a wristwatch with the Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W.

The new Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W is a revolutionary new timepiece that is the first wristwatch in the world to display time in words instead of traditional numbers and hands. A simple, square shape houses a face that holds a grid of 110 characters in a random order. Upon pressing the stainless steel button, the corresponding characters light up to display the time in a statement such as “ It is half-past ten” or “It is a quarter after nine”. Pressing the button two times displays the calendar days, while three times shows the seconds.

“QLOCKTWO W makes you aware of the moment. Showing the time becomes an interesting experience for the owner,” says Andreas Funk from the design duo Biegert & Funk.

The new Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W is available in black, polished, or brushed stainless steel and measures a square 35 x 35 mm with a 24 mm leather strap. The timepieces are currently on sale for approximately 550 Euros each, and are available in English, French, and German.

Biegert & Funk QLOCKTWO W Gallery


[Source: Biegert & Funk]

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