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A Renault R8 Gordini and Megane RS meet on the Track – Video

Small family sports cars.

The Renault 8 (aka R8) was a small family car in the 1960s and 70s that had a unique French character and style to it. It wasn’t often thought of as being a sports car until Gordini, the former French sports car manufacturer and racing company got its hands on it and took the “family” part out of the equation.

The Renault R8 Gordini featured a hotter 89- or 99-horsepower engine, close-ratio five-speed manual transmission, and special styling cues that made it quite the sporty sedan. Renault is continuing to add a touch of sport to their small family cars today, their latest example being the Megane RS with its turbo-four engine pumping over well over 200 horsepower, a sport-oriented chassis, and numerous other motorsports upgrades.

The two met each other on the racetrack for a bit of high-revving frolicking on the asphalt with Soheil Ayari piloting the Megane RS and Robert Sejourné behind the wheel of the R8 Gordini.

It’s a fun look into what sport versions of Renaults were in the past compared to those of today.

Video Credit: Director / Film / Edit : Stephane B.
Assistant Camera: Julian B.
Driver Renault Megane RS 2012: Soheil Ayari
Driver Renault R8 Gordini: Robert Sejourné
Shot on location Circuit de Dreux, France.

[Source: Clash Production, Stephanie B.]

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