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Friday FAIL: The Gold ZL1 Camaro – King ZL1

You did it all wrong.

There are modified cars, and there’s “donks”, but then there’s the Gold ZL1 Camaro: King ZL1. It’s in a league of its own and hopefully stays there to show future enthusiasts how to “do it wrong”.

We can appreciate most modifications to automobiles, whether they’re obnoxious or subtle, performance-oriented or just there for style. But when cars burn our corneas and induce vomiting, then it’s time to slap a big ol’ Friday FAIL badge on that bad boy because you’re really doing it wrong.

One such car that should never be replicated and be killed with fire is the Gold ZL1 Camaro: King ZL1 by 813 Customs. Now, don’t be so quick to include the company with this sports car because they clearly did a good job fabricating what the customer asked for and provided some quality work, especially with the rotating dashboard cluster. With that being said, it’s still not easy on the eyes whatsoever.

The “King ZL1” boasts quite a range of custom-tailored fabrications that make it a one-of-a-kind car. And we hope it stays that way. The most glaring aspect of the build is the gold paint and gold 30-inch Forgiato wheels. Drop that soft top and you’re greeted with a nauseating gold and forest green color scheme throughout the interior with quilted leather and alcantara. There are three 23-inch televisions, a custom fiberglass dashboard, a Playstation 3, and powerful audio system. Under the hood is a modified LSA engine with Whipple supercharger, new cams, ECU tune, and fuel system.

But you can’t outrun ugly, even with that modified LSA V-8 engine. We appreciate the build quality and work done to the King ZL1, but we’re still slapping a big FAIL on this one.

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[Source: IAmLinnyJ]

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