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Watch ‘Mahk’ take on the new Chevrolet Blazer!

Zebra Corner Mahk Chevrolet Blazer

Our favorite asshole comedian from Massachusetts is here to save the day.

Chevrolet is promoting the hell out of their new Blazer. It’s essentially nothing like the original K5 Blazer or the S-10 Blazer that made the nameplate popular. It’s built to make people think they have enough room for stuff and friends when they have neither. Thankfully, ‘Mahk’ from Zebra Corner is here to tell Chevrolet how it really is.

Zebra Corner Mahk Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet has been pumping out its ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ commercials starring the Blazer for quite a while now and Mahk starred in one to say what we all want to say.

Mahk and the rest of the focus group stumble into a studio filled with antiques and things on display along with the new Chevrolet Blazer and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Each display has two types of products: one that’s new and/or hip, and one that’s outdated and/or ugly. ‘Ponch’ then asks what product each person would put in the Chevrolet and what would go in the Jeep.

Of course these “real people” choose to put all the modern, trendy things in the Blazer and the old things in the Jeep Grand Cherokee to prove that the Blazer is fresh and hip. Why? Because they’re brainwashed idiots, not actors. Thankfully, Mahk is here to look past the massive grille and into the shitty mechanical reliability that has plagued the Chevrolet brand for years.

Zebra Corner Mahk Chevrolet Blazer

Mahk makes fun of Ponch and his sad clown face then describes where he would put each product and why. Before the end, he makes Ponch choose between putting his pregnant wife or elderly grandmother in the Blazer or Jeep. Of course, Ponch chooses wrong.

Thanks to Mahk and Zebra Corner, those that are forced to watch these insufferable commercials can get some kind of comic relief. Well, other than hearing some of the shit that comes out of these ‘real people’s’ mouths.

Source: Zebra Corner

Does Mahk say exactly what is on your mind in this Chevrolet ‘Real People. Not Actors.’ Blazer commercial?


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